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Patterns for Cross Embroidery

ARTOPIK program is intended for all cross embroidery fans to whom it will help in creation of patterns and the pattern can be printed out in different ways. Compared to hand drawing of a pattern onto different "square" or "millimetre" paper it has incomparably more advantages.

Compared to its predecessor - the VYSIVKY program - it offers the following extra options:
  • Maximum embroidery size up to 999 x 999 cross stitches;
  • Smooth zoom in and zoom out of the pattern;
  • Faster display;
  • Colour palette can be edited and saved into a separate file;
  • Colour palette is saved into a file together with every embroidery;
  • Statistics – sums of ”cross stitches” by individual colours used;
  • Printed output size can be set;
  • Automatic printout of the pattern on several pages (if it does not fit one sheet of paper);
  • Colour of individual lines of the grid can be set;
  • Pattern printout with small crosses, squares or circles can be selected;
  • Black and white printout option, whereas individual colours are replaced with symbols;
  • User defined margins;
  • Export of a pattern into a graphic file (*.jpg or *.bmp)
  • Import from a graphic file (*.jpg or *.bmp) with an option to define position
  • Artopik is FREEWARE

Please yourselves; use ARTOPIK.


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